September 21, 2012

End of summer musings


In addition to reading Waugh's short story collection, I've also been reading Conrad's Tales of the East and West, the companion collection to his Tales of Land and Sea, which I read last summer, if I remember correctly. I guess I've picked up a habit of reading collections over the summer, more than any other type of fiction. Maybe it has something to do with the light reading aspect of a group of shorter stories, rather than plodding through a long novel. Perhaps those are best saved for the winter, for those long, dark evenings. A short story seems more suitable for a lazy summer afternoon. Of course, in Tales of the East and West, two short novels are included, in case one desires longer reading. Anyway, Michael's in London right now, and I'm missing him badly, so my thoughts are rather centered on that location of the globe these days, and I've gathered some links that are more or less related to travel and London itself, along with a few fall references. Hope everyone has a great end-of-summer/beginning-of-fall weekend-

London in black and white. Also, iconic London.

Love these teacups.

Cute outfit for a rainy summer day.

I'm seeing things with plums everywhere these days--got to do something about that.

Shorpy, an online archive of historical photographs and vintage prints.

20 common grammar mistakes that we all (or nearly all) make.

A dog's life.

Wishing I could afford Emerson Fry's new fall collection.

London's top five food markets. Also, its south side has recently become a food destination.

Documenting low and high tides--click on 'sea change' to see the galleries, then click on the images to see the difference.

Film lives.

Awesome DIY photo transfer tote.

If I were in London, I'd go see the Pre-Raphaelite exhibit at the Tate.

Perfect chambray shirt on my wishlist.

Keats' To Autumn seems fitting for a final send-off for the weekend.

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