July 27, 2012

My summer of Waugh

I read Evelyn Waugh's Brideshead Revisited last spring--it was crazy and decadent, of course, but also mesmerizing. My first encounter with Waugh was through Vile Bodies a couple of years ago I think, and I've been curious about his work ever since, never having read Waugh in college. His writing is rather witty and sharp, a breath of fresh air compared with some novelists. So, earlier in the summer while browsing English authors (my favorite) at the library, intrigued mainly by the cover I decided to pick up the complete stories collection, in hardback, and slowly read through them over the past several weeks. I'm a bit of a book snob. I favor purchasing hardbacks, especially when I can find good ones at used bookstores, although paperbacks are much easier for carrying around since I tend to bring a book along wherever I go, and this particular edition was hefty, with smooth, thick paper and a fantastic jacket illustration, tempting me to find an exact copy somewhere to add to my own collection. Maybe someday I will. It was a little sad reading the very last story, as I thoroughly enjoyed every single one of them and wished for more. Next time I'm at the library, I'll pick up another of Waugh's novels, perhaps Black Mischief or Decline and Fall, for more summer reading in addition to my Woolf paperbacks. Hope you all have a great weekend and here are some fun links once again for your perusal-

This peeled naval orange candle seriously smells just like freshly cut oranges.

Dreaming of gelato tasting in Italy. Or, make your own from this pretty book.

Check out this gorgeous, albeit expensive, Scrabble typography edition.

Fun stamps, including custom made, for making your own stationery.

Wishing for another pair of studs--this time, triangles.

Stunning black and white photography of Africa's wild animals.

Book darts for marking your favorite pages and quotes.

A foodie road trip via Route 7 through France's Loire Valley sounds like good summer fun to me.

Documenting Iceland's horses--check out both galleries under 'portfolios'.

Crazy inspiration notepad for, well, inspiration in your journaling.

The mason jar, my preferred glass of choice, just came into another brilliant use: portable salad jar for all your summer salads.

The This Is... series of illustrated children's books by M. Sasek should inspire the travel bug in anyone--time for some used bookstore browsing.

Pretty blue handmade jug for dressing up your kitchen table.

On my summer baking to-do list: blueberry lemon verbena pie.

Happy weekend.

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