May 4, 2012

Weekend musings

Another weekend, another month gone by, another random round up of links for you. I've had thoughts of baking cakes lately, like pound cakes and nut cakes, cakes with very specific ingredients that look oh-so-tasty especially with strawberry season upon us. What's better than a slice of cake with fresh-from-the-stand strawberries and freshly whipped cream? When it's mildly warm out, not much is better than that. When it's really warm out, I'd go for strawberries and ice cream. Maybe the strawberries will motivate me to actually bake something soon, an occupation I've seriously been lagging behind in. Until then, happy weekend-

It's Paris week over at Bon Appetit!

With spring comes asparagus and simple ways to prepare it.

Future food writers, take note.

A guide for making your own chocolate candies.

Remember my spiel on notebooks? Check it out: decomposition notebooks.

Live wind map--the still images in the gallery look like intricate sketches.

Love this cuff for upper ear piercings.

Beautiful swans--the second to last photo is my favorite.

Fun and colorful wooden bangles.

My daily coffee--straightforward tumblr about espresso, nothing more, nothing less.

For cheese lovers: how to wrap and store your cheese.

Interesting article on artisan bread in America; check out the mouthwatering gallery of the best loaves in the country, too.

The perfect spring/summer dress, with polka dots.

More black and white photography: deserted New York City.

My feelings exactly. For that, I'll need my own library.

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  1. I like the food links on this post, particularly the one about bread. And the photos of the swans (especially the one you mentioned) are very eye-catching. Make room for strawberries soon! -- Michael