February 29, 2012

Happy leap day

To end the month on a good note, despite the lack of regular posting, I've found more links of interest. Maybe by the weekend I'll have a recipe and photos for you. Hope you've had a good February-

I'm not usually into gold, but I love this set of studs.

Vintage NY Times photos on The Lively Morgue.

Awesome typographic map.

Maddie the coonhound: funny blog of a dog photographed on things.

These cherry preserves are the best--my mom used to bring back large jars of it from trips to Paris.

Love these bucket bags and tea towels on Etsy.

Must make: chocolate mousse. Soon.

Cute vintage photo.

Have you tried Allegro coffee? The red sea blend is rather good--available at your local Whole Foods.

Checked shirt on my wishlist, and a new pair of Converse would be nice, too.

Eugène Atget photographs

And finally, have you watched Downton Abbey yet? It's still available to watch online for a few days. Best PBS show ever.

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