January 28, 2012

Happy last weekend of January

I hope everyone is having a happy new year so far. We had a brief spat of welcome rain a week or two ago, welcome because these otherwise uninterrupted dry, sunny days are making me feel parched. They are nice for afternoon walks, though, which I need to take better advantage of. During that rainy week, it finally felt like winter, a real winter for California, any way. Earlier this month I shot an old roll of black and white film for the first time in, well, some while, which was fun. I have yet to get the film developed, but I'm hoping for good results. In the meantime, and until the next baking session, which may or may not involve persimmons, I've rounded up a few links for your weekend-

The beauty of ballet.

The French always know what best to do with lentils.

Christopher Stott, a painter with photograph-like artwork (my favorites are the blue fan and desk clocks).

For maple syrup lovers, plus a grade guide.

Love this travel-themed scarf.

Behind Photographs: Archiving Photographic legends - fantastic idea for an art book.

Only slightly larger than a postcard: little Paris paintings.

I like the look of this journal, although I wish it came in more colors.

Winter poems.

More dreamy photography on Etsy.

Adding Picardie glasses to my kitchen wishlist, thanks to the Saveur100.

I've also added a few new blogs to my link page, if you want to check it out. Happy weekend.

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