December 2, 2010

Merry and bright

Already a week past with nothing to show for it here, Thanksgiving flew by and the holidays are in full swing, at least for some people. I'm only slowly warming up to it. I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We enjoyed the food so much that I was unable (meaning I forgot) to photograph anything, even the desserts. Ah well. Sometimes the food is so good you just can't put your fork down. With December here, the month otherwise known as making-good-use-of-butter, there will be recipes and photos of Christmas goodies in full.

In the meantime, enjoy some sweet internet finds, some of which would make great gifts, if you like unusual, unique sorts of things, as well as pretty and luxurious ones. Gift giving, however stressful, can also be fun when finding that special something just suited to each person on your list-

Wood whale: sculptural desktop organizer

City prints: iconic prints of three big cities

Owl necklace: cute watch on a chain, plus a pocket watch

Eye poetry: dreamy photography blog, plus an online shop

Vintage flight I and II: vintage-style black and white prints

Votive holders: made from recycled Spanish glass

Iphone case: handmade felt sleeve for an iPhone or iPod

Cold weather accessories: cozy and soft for the chilly days

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